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Elevate your style with our versatile bamboo wrap dress cover up.
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Ultimate Beach-to-Bar Dress

Inspired by a vacation dilemma, we were determined to create the ultimate beachwear solution. After being turned away from a beach restaurant due to improper attire, we embarked on a journey to design a chic and versatile dress perfect for vacations, taking you from day to night seamlessly. In just a few months, we crafted our first sample and took the internet by storm, going viral on TikTok.

Our Story

Escaping a frozen New Jersey in January, we fled to Miami for some fun under the sun and brought a business home.

After a blue skied beach day, my girlfriend Paige and I were denied service at a local restaurant because she only was wearing a bathing suit with a towel wrapped around her waist. That's when the idea 💡 sparked and Paige was ready to run production.

"if we added loose straps to the ends of the towel, it would be a dress!"

We started sketching and developing samples with a local seamstress. Staying true to our values, we selected a sustainable, ultra-soft bamboo fabric with a just a bit of stretch.

The best beach dress
Ultimate Vacation Dress

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